Beijing Condemns Alleged Smearing and Attacks by US and Japan at Summit

The recent summit involving the United States, Japan, and other key players in the Asia-Pacific region has stirred controversy and drawn strong reactions from Beijing, which has accused the US and Japan of smearing and attacking China during the discussions.

The summit, which focused on regional security issues and strategic cooperation, highlighted the complex dynamics and geopolitical tensions in the Asia-Pacific, particularly concerning China’s expanding influence and assertive actions in the region. During the summit, officials from the US and Japan raised concerns about various issues related to China, including its military activities, territorial claims, […]

China Expresses Concern Over EU’s Probe into Subsidies in Green Industries

Tensions have surfaced between China and the European Union (EU) following the EU's announcement of an investigation into alleged subsidies provided by China to its green industries.

This move by the EU has prompted strong reactions from China, highlighting the complexities and sensitivities surrounding international trade, environmental policies, and economic competition in the context of global efforts to address climate change. The EU’s investigation centers on subsidies that China reportedly provides to its renewable energy and electric vehicle industries, as well as […]

China’s gender gap widening post-pandemic, with ‘she-cession’ still real threat to economy

China has seen a widening gender gap post-pandemic, particularly evident in employment disparities and caregiving burdens.

Women faced challenges returning to work due to job losses in sectors they dominate and increased caregiving responsibilities during the pandemic. This ‘she-cession’ has serious economic implications, as women’s participation in the workforce is crucial for sustained growth and innovation. The unequal distribution of caregiving responsibilities has been a major factor in the ‘she-cession,’ with […]

What Chinese outrage over “3 Body Problem” says about China

The recent uproar within China surrounding the “Three-Body Problem,” a popular science fiction novel by Liu Cixin, has shed light on the complexities of cultural identity, historical narratives, and ideological sensitivities in the country. The controversy, sparked by comments made by a prominent Chinese scientist, reflects broader debates about China’s place in the global cultural […]

China’s Geospatial Intelligence Support to Russia: Implications for Global Geopolitics

Recent reports have emerged indicating that China is providing geospatial intelligence support to Russia, marking a significant development in the realm of global geopolitics.

Geospatial intelligence, which involves the analysis of satellite imagery and other geospatial data for strategic purposes, plays a crucial role in modern military and strategic planning. China’s collaboration with Russia in this domain has raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about its implications for international relations and strategic dynamics. The partnership between China and Russia in […]

China’s Navy Emerges as the World’s Largest, Emulating the US Naval Power Blueprint

In recent years, China's navy has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into the largest maritime force globally and adopting a blueprint reminiscent of the United States Navy's power projection capabilities. This shift in naval dynamics has significant implications for regional security, global maritime trade, and the balance of power in strategic waterways.

China’s naval expansion is part of its broader military modernization efforts, aimed at bolstering its capabilities and asserting its influence in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has rapidly expanded its fleet, including aircraft carriers, submarines, surface combatants, and amphibious vessels, showcasing China’s ambition to project power across maritime domains. […]

Xi Jinping’s Ambitious Strategy: How China Plans to Surpass America

China, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, has unveiled ambitious plans aimed at overtaking the United States as the world's preeminent superpower.

This strategic vision encompasses economic, technological, military, and geopolitical dimensions, reflecting China’s aspirations for global leadership and influence in the 21st century. Central to Xi Jinping’s strategy is China’s continued economic growth and development. The country has emerged as a global economic powerhouse, with a focus on innovation, infrastructure development, and technological advancement. China’s “Made […]

Hong Kong: The Legal Ordeal of Jimmy Lai, a Prominent Opponent

Jimmy Lai, a prominent pro-democracy figure and media tycoon in Hong Kong, has found himself entangled in a legal saga that highlights the challenges facing dissenting voices in the city.

Jimmy Lai, known for his outspoken criticism of Beijing’s policies and advocacy for democratic reforms, has faced a series of legal actions and convictions, raising concerns about the erosion of freedoms and the rule of law in Hong Kong. Lai’s legal troubles stem from his activism and involvement in pro-democracy movements, which have long been […]

China: The End of Communist Party Dominance?

The Communist Party of China (CCP) faces speculation about its future due to China's economic growth, social changes, and technological advancements. The Communist Party of China (CCP) faces speculation about its future due to China's economic growth, social changes, and technological advancements.

China’s economic success has created a prosperous middle class and a more connected population, leading to increased awareness of global trends and demands for greater freedoms. However, the CCP’s authoritarian control and use of technology for surveillance have also intensified. Demographic shifts highlight a generational divide, with older generations often loyal to the CCP, while […]

Xi’s Call for Ethnic Chinese to Promote Beijing’s Narrative Sparks Controversy

Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent call for ethnic Chinese individuals worldwide to help "tell China's story well" and promote Beijing's narrative has stirred a mix of reactions, ranging from support to criticism and anger.

The directive, part of China’s broader efforts to shape its global image and narrative, has raised concerns about censorship, propaganda, and the politicization of ethnic identity. Xi’s appeal, made during a conference on ethnic affairs, emphasized the importance of Chinese people, regardless of their location, in presenting a positive and unified portrayal of China’s development […]