Battle of Yultong

On this day in 1951, the Philippines fought the Battle of Yultong against China during the Korean War. It was fought between approximately 40,000 soldiers from the Chinese People's Volunteer Army (PVA) 34th Division and 900 Filipino soldiers of the 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT), north of Yeoncheon. The battle was part of the Chinese Spring Offensive.

The Philippines’ 10th Battalion Combat Team reported 12 killed, 38 wounded, and six (6) missing in action while China’s PVA losses were reported to be more than 500 killed and two (2) captured. The 10th BCT survived to join the British 29th Brigade Group as a reserve force on 24 April 1951, and later participated […]

Philippines Celebrates Second Mango Shipment to Australia

The Philippines, renowned for its delectable mangoes, has marked another milestone in its agricultural exports with the second shipment of mangoes to Australia.

This significant achievement not only highlights the quality and appeal of Philippine mangoes but also underscores the growing trade relations between the two nations. The recent shipment of mangoes to Australia represents a continuation of the successful partnership between Filipino mango growers and Australian importers. The fruits, known for their exquisite sweetness and vibrant flavor […]

US and Britain Accuse China of Cyber Espionage Campaign

Recent headlines have been dominated by accusations leveled by the United States and Britain against China, alleging involvement in a widespread cyberespionage campaign targeting various sectors and entities. This development underscores the escalating tensions in the realm of cybersecurity and highlights the growing concern over state-sponsored cyber activities. The accusations, made in tandem by Washington […]

Chip Materials Maker Soitec Contemplates US Move Following TSMC’s Lead

The global semiconductor industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with chip materials maker Soitec considering a move to the United States, mirroring the recent decision by its client, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), to establish a major presence in the US.

This potential shift highlights the ongoing realignment within the semiconductor supply chain and the strategic importance of geographic diversification in an era marked by supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions. Soitec, a French company specializing in engineered materials for semiconductor manufacturing, is evaluating the feasibility of relocating some of its operations to the US. This […]

NATO Chief Warns of Growing Threat from ‘Alliance of Authoritarian Powers’

Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, has issued a stark warning about the emergence of what he terms an 'alliance of authoritarian powers' that poses a significant challenge to the Western world.

Stoltenberg’s comments highlight growing concerns within the international community regarding the coordinated efforts of countries such as Russia, Iran, and China to exert influence and undermine Western democracies. In a recent address, Stoltenberg pointed to a troubling trend where authoritarian regimes are increasingly collaborating and aligning their interests to counter Western values and interests. This […]

US Asserts: No Cause for China’s Overreaction to Drills with Allies

In recent statements, the United States has emphasized that there is no justification for China's overreaction to joint military exercises conducted with its allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

These exercises, part of longstanding alliances and security commitments, are viewed by the US as routine and essential for regional stability and deterrence, rather than targeting any specific country. The US, in collaboration with its allies such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, and others, regularly conducts military drills and exercises in the Indo-Pacific region. These […]

South Korea, Japan, and US Conduct Joint Naval Drills Amid North Korea’s Threats

Recent joint naval exercises conducted by South Korea, Japan, and the United States in the waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula have drawn attention as tensions with North Korea persist.

The drills, aimed at enhancing maritime security and coordination among the allied nations, come against a backdrop of North Korean provocations and threats, highlighting the ongoing challenges in the region’s security landscape. The naval exercises, known as the trilateral Sea Dragon 22, involved warships and aircraft from the three countries and focused on various scenarios, […]

Beijing Condemns Alleged Smearing and Attacks by US and Japan at Summit

The recent summit involving the United States, Japan, and other key players in the Asia-Pacific region has stirred controversy and drawn strong reactions from Beijing, which has accused the US and Japan of smearing and attacking China during the discussions.

The summit, which focused on regional security issues and strategic cooperation, highlighted the complex dynamics and geopolitical tensions in the Asia-Pacific, particularly concerning China’s expanding influence and assertive actions in the region. During the summit, officials from the US and Japan raised concerns about various issues related to China, including its military activities, territorial claims, […]

China claims sovereignty over Pagasa Island; accuses PH of encroachment

Tensions have escalated in the South China Sea as China recently claimed sovereignty over Pagasa Island, one of the disputed territories in the region. This move has sparked controversy and drawn strong reactions from the Philippines, which has accused China of encroachment on its territorial waters. The dispute over Pagasa Island is emblematic of broader geopolitical struggles in the South China Sea, where multiple nations assert territorial claims and vie for control of strategic maritime routes.

Pagasa Island, also known as Thitu Island, is part of the Spratly Islands archipelago and is currently under Philippine control. It is home to a small civilian community and a military presence, with the Philippines maintaining infrastructure and conducting patrols in the area. However, China’s recent assertion of sovereignty over the island has reignited long-standing […]

US Airlines Urge Biden Administration to Refrain from Approving Additional US-China Flights

In a recent development, major US airlines have collectively appealed to the Biden administration, urging them to withhold approval for additional flights between the United States and China.

This plea comes amidst ongoing concerns about the imbalance in flight operations between the two countries and its impact on the competitiveness of American carriers. At present, Chinese airlines operate a significantly higher number of flights to and from the United States compared to their American counterparts. This has created an uneven playing field, with […]