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Battle of Yultong

- April 22, 2024
battle of yultong
On this day in 1951, the Philippines fought the Battle of Yultong against China during the Korean War. It was fought between approximately 40,000 soldiers from the Chinese People's Volunteer Army (PVA) 34th Division and 900 Filipino soldiers of the 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT), north of Yeoncheon. The battle was part of the Chinese Spring Offensive.

The Philippines’ 10th Battalion Combat Team reported 12 killed, 38 wounded, and six (6) missing in action while China’s PVA losses were reported to be more than 500 killed and two (2) captured.

The 10th BCT survived to join the British 29th Brigade Group as a reserve force on 24 April 1951, and later participated in the rescue of the Gloucestershire Regiment during the Battle of the Imjin River.

On 22 April 1966–the 15th anniversary of the Chinese Spring Offensive–a monument was erected to commemorate the battle in Yeoncheon, South Korea.